Palm Tree Psychological

Services, LLC

Palm Tree is an exciting faith based company whose focus is to meet the needs of the of the community by providing excellent outpatient mental health and other psychological services.  We serve children, adolescents, adults, families and couples of all age groups from 2-100+. We accept most insurance (Humana Military, Medicaid, Medicare, Peach State, Blue Cross, etc.).

Palm Tree is located at 303 University Drive in Valdosta, Georgia. 

  Dr. Wilhelmenia Howell

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Howell is the CEO, owner, and founder of Palm Tree Psychological Services, LLC. She is Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the state of Georgia. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Spelman College located in Atlanta, Georgia and her Doctorate degree from Michigan State University located in East Lansing, Michigan. Dr. Howell is active in the community and she is very creative. She is the creator of COOLOVE Doll whose message is unconditional love, forgiveness and hope. She is a recipient of many awards and honors with the most recent being recognized as an Honored Member of Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition.

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